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Jan's feedback: one year of Stutterer-Training

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Report May 2004 - May 2005

After my first year of participating in the stutterer-training I can say that all the hopes and expectations I had on my initial training day have been generally fulfilled. On the whole, I speak almost completely fluently; the speech technique has become a routine, and I often don’t have to pay attention to it at all. If there happen to be small problems - in stressful situations or when feeling very tired - I do not let my insecurities get to me anymore because I have the necessary confidence and know that I can speak fluently whenever I want to, if I choose to.

My behaviour in the last 12 months has changed enormously. The most obvious example of this is in terms of the "nightmare of all stutterers"; speaking on the telephone. Initially I phoned mainly friends, realising that I actually enjoy doing this very much and then seeking more demanding challenges. Today I have hardly any problems with speaking on the phone - not long ago I would have thought that I would never reach this point…

The stutterer training allowed me to develop a genuine pleasure in speaking. The result of this was increased communication with others and I have received many positive reactions because of this. Not only did the training support me in my articulation, but it also encouraged a development of my entire personality. In this context, I believe that the profound growth through self-awareness, meditation etc. also plays a crucial role.

In short: I highly recommend the training to other stutterers! Those ready to invest a lot of energy in terms of working on themselves and their own speech, will profit immensely from the seminars. I am under the impression that the balanced combination of determination and patience is crucial to success. I also experienced episodes during which I relapsed and fell back into my former habits, on the other hand though I felt like the following training sessions became ever more lucrative. It took about half a year to reach a greater sense of achievement and for the substantial base for fluent speech to settle. Others may have to wait more or less time for greater senses of achievement and success. Those who stick to it and aren’t discouraged after possible setbacks will most definitely improve their speech! The feeling is almost indescribable - to finally be able to order what you want in a restaurant; partake in conversations and discussions like every body else does; to hear your friends and acquaintances say: "It’s amazing, you don’t stutter anymore!"…

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