Stuttering therapy to cure stammering and help people who stutter
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Report by Andrea (Henning’s mother)


to all those who are interested in the stutterer-training but haven’t yet taken the time to visit…

Our son Henning (Age 12), and partly also my husband and I have participated in the "Stutterer-training by Hans Liebelt" for almost a year now, and we are all very thankful to have discovered it due to the life changing success we experienced. It was our general practitioner who first recommended this particular training, due to its holistic concept.

Owing to the fact that we coped "relatively well" with Henning’s considerably slight stutter, we hesitated with the decision to take action against it. Only  when we realised the way in which stuttering can become such an obstruction that it holds the power to encumber a lively, willingly communicative, thoughtful and sentimental person, did we resolve that something had to be done. Although the extreme stuttering lessened each time, the fear of its return and the knowledge that one had been at its mercy for weeks on end without having had the power to influence it, finally lead us to the decision to sign up for the training.

And it was a wise decision!

Ever since then we haven’t experienced any speech hindering stutter blocks anymore! We were able to observe how effective the breathing techniques worked for Henning and the other participants, particularly against the very mighty, very vigorous stutter blocks, eventually enabling fluent speech. This allowed us to have faith in a better future, given that you have experienced something which can influence and overcome the barriers instantly. 

Due to his quick speaking and the unconscious breathing (caused by a lack of training at home!), Henning still repeats letters occasionally, however the fluency of speech is not impeded. If the sentence is interrupted and then repeated (using the breathing techniques) in exactly the way we had practiced it, where the importance lies in overcoming the former stuttering structures, the second attempt renders a stutter free sentence in no time! A great achievement!

And then…

…there are other elements the stutterer-training comprises of, which penetrate the more profound levels and shake the foundation of the stutter, initiate the thought process and bring about beneficial transformations…! And that concerns not only those who stutter, but also the people living among them, who then gain significant insights about themselves…This is the reason why is it beneficial for parents or guardians to partake in parts of the stutterer-training themselves (ideally for about a week).

For this reason, we suggest: 

- Participate, have a go (others - as well as us - can pass on many useful things…)

- Be brave, join a group training (you will be not humiliated or embarrassed)

- Have fun and enjoy the training (even if it is hard work sometimes. At least the training treats step by step in a patient, kind and empathetic approach)

In this sense (and in others), we would like to refer to song number 7 of Herbert Groenemeyer’s new album:

I only understand what I see…
I only understand what I experience…

Kind regards,


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