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Stutterer-Training: Therapise stuttering holistically

Stuttering is a complex problem. We know this due to personal experience. Many individual therapeutic measures have been proven as inadequate. We know that most stutterers are in a similar situation.

Many years of helplessness, of tremendous rage towards oneself and our insensitive associates, were necessary for us to discover how important it is to take the right steps at the right time, so as to finally take control of the problem systematically and effectively. During our extensive pursuit of a solution to this speech impediment, we have made the following observations:

1. Despite short term improvements, it is hardly possible to attain fluent speech in the long term through only the utilisation of respiratory muscles (e.g. diaphragmatic training).

2. Psychotherapeutic work alone often does not suffice to introduce long term progress, because the stuttering is still frequent in many situations, particularly during the beginning of the therapy.

3. Articulation techniques often exhaust their initial successes due to the strength of the identification with inveterate behavioural and thinking patterns which are common in long-term stutterers.

4. Techniques stimulating relaxation such as autogenic training, yoga, meditation etc. often lead to improved circumstances on a broad spectrum and therefore also to generally more fluent speech, however do not offer secure or immediate aid in more stressful situations.

5. Suggestive or affirmative stutter treatments often only occur in long term progression of stammering and do not present sufficient security in the initial, more demanding phases.

6. Ultimately you can not overcome stuttering unless you are ready to invest time and energy into a multifaceted, comprehensive work ethic including both body and mind.

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