Stuttering therapy to cure stammering and help people who stutter
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The concept of the stutterer therapy

The Stutterer-training is divided into a basic training followed by subsequent in-depth trainings, and is intended as an intensive programme which correlates its therapy to that of Fiedler & Standup (1994) and takes place over the course of one year. Our interventions therefore not merely encourage the defeat of stuttering, but also existing social problems.

The Stutterer-training emphasises the holistic views of man. It is based on the principles of anthropological psychology and is established upon comprehensive psychology. In addition to that, elements gleaned from behavioural therapy are applied, for example the analysis of problematic conduct as in > SORKC-Modell by Kanfer & Saslow (1970), the > Learning social Competence (Ullrich & Ullrich, 1976), aspects of > Learning by models by Bandura (1969, 1976, 1978) and the > Stress immunisation (Meichenbaum, 1977) in order to enable the patients to handle their fear of stuttering adequately. 

The practical conversation lessons are accomplished through > In-vivo-Confrontation (Practising the stutterer-training in real life situations) training in specific situations during which the patient feels great anxiety, thereby promising a high ecological validity and allowing them to accommodate more easily.  Situations which are not compatible with angst are achieved by means of diverse relief treatment, during which the > Concentrated Meditation and > Hypnotherapeutic Elements (Erickson, 1978) are applied. The foundation of training fluent speech is based on inhalation principles supported by a perceptive guide to conduct, and further therapeutic methods involving specific physical elements.


The construction of the stutterer-therapy

People who suffer from stuttering are often special people with special qualities and unusual abilities. History presents us with plenty of examples proving this. (Politicians, Authors, Actors etc.). Our participants most definitely have all the reason to be confident.

We will explain the connection between breathing and speaking, especially between diaphragmatic and vocal training. As a next step, we train the function of the diaphragm through respiratory instruction. Subsequently, we use techniques taken from stress management, especially the intervention of the process of stress through guided perception. Even participants with severe stammering symptoms and severe stammering usually manage to utter several sentences without stuttering on the first day of the course. This gives everybody a confidence boost.

Simultaneously we practice very efficient relaxation techniques. These include meditation, comprehensive-relaxation and imaginary journeys i.e. trips which are adapted to match the problem of stuttering and accompany the entire training as a stabilising framework, reducing speech impediments through a natural approach.

We apply mental techniques with the purpose of deprogramming the subconsciously working behavioural stuttering structures, to slowly but surely rid ourselves of our prior vocal configurations. Hereby we also fix the subjective, realistic sensation of ? I can speak fluently at any given time? consciously and consistently.

During the course we practise, so as to further enhance the individual possibilities of perception and mental progress of stuttering structures, and to be able to use these in all given situations.

Stress reducing techniques and stress intervention instructions following the S-O-R-K model support this work. The participants are encouraged to purposely place themselves in situations where speech may be challenging, in order to practice using the techniques and gradually reduce the fear of stuttering. The discussion group then shares their experiences and indicates the significance of the continuous and consistent, however moreover playful application of the learned techniques. The participant is encouraged to understand any possible or even probable setback as an incentive to continue to work hard and not give up in their quest to conquer their stutter.

What we believe to be of great importance is the ability of the participant to discover their own deep-rooted feelings of fear, shame and hurt and to transform them to be able to act more liberated and genuine, and eventually speak fluently . Here we work selecting in accordance with age and maturity of the participants.


The focus of our work with stutterers

  • Developing higher self-esteem
  • Practising fluent speech through breath and perception control
  • Deprogramming the spiritual and emotional stuttering structures
  • Encouraging inner tranquillity through meditation and relaxation
  • Learning to overcome internal and external resistance and confrontation
  • Becoming aware of one’s own emotions and their forms of expression 
  • Converting techniques to everyday life


Following up on the stuttering therapy - post-operative treatment

Many of our renowned techniques and tools for the successful defeat of stuttering were conveyed and passed on to our participants. On account of the opportunity to attend regular stutterer seminars as well as courses which took place on separate days, additional support is provided. Those who are interested in solving their articulation difficulties are provided with valuable advancement and support even once they have completed our basic course.  

Besides that we strongly encourage exchanges between the group participants and the formation of working unions. We provide free counselling and advice via the telephone for each and every one of our participants. Should this not be possible due to schedule infringements, we can arrange an appointment.


The objectives for overcoming your stutter

What we want is to consciously manage our stuttering, perceive the speaking difficulties as a positive aspect and rediscover our communication skills and our pleasure. We want to learn techniques for every day use, in order to eventually be capable of speaking fluently in every situation. We want to diminish or even forget the deeply rooted fear of being disgraced and embarrassed, ultimately leading to dreadful humiliation.

We want to prove to ourselves, and to others, that we are capable of speaking fluently and in fact do this. Following a consistent training, over a period of time determined by the level of the individual stutterer, we have gained mental and emotional control over our speech. If we continue exercising our training methods and techniques, the chances are that all fear of speech may finally disappear. After that we no longer require any techniques!

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