Stuttering therapy to cure stammering and help people who stutter
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  • Home Stutterer-Training: overcome stuttering by stuttering therapy, help for stutterers. Therapy, concept and sustainable treatment of stuttering
  • Stutterer-Training Comprehensive and sustainable stuttering therapy that offers help for stutterers through various measures
    • Children Stuttering in children is often easy to treat. Children learn to defeat their speech impediments by means of games and fun
    • Concept Stutterer-Training: Successful treatment and therapy with basic training and prolonged diligence and care through holistic examination of man
    • Team Stutterer-Training: Therapists and Trainers, employing several different techniques in the seminars to heal stuttering and fear of speech.
    • Testimonials
    • Prices and costs Stutterer-Training: Costs of the courses and seminars, new participants, maintenance and annual training.
  • Videos Stutterer-Training: Videos of affected participants who stutter, and manage to successfully avoid it.
  • Seminars
  • Dates Stutterer-Training: Appointments and dates for seminars, courses and the self-awareness group in order to successfully avoid and defeat stammering.
  • Registration Stutterer-Training: Self-awareness group to help stutterers learn how to approach others openly without inhibitions
  • Self-awareness Stutterer-Training: Self-awareness group to help stutterers learn how to approach others openly without inhibitions
  • Psychodrama Stutterer-Training: psychodrama as therapy to overcome stuttering and speech anxiety through a theatrical approach. Meditative realisation processes to reduce impediments and initiate fluency of speech.
  • Meditation Meditation as a means to reduce stuttering and practice speaking calmly (Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Trance Meditation for stutterers)
  • Contact Stotterer-Training: Contact the Directors and Therapists, we will answer your questions on the subject of stuttering
  • Download Free software for stutterers - train your breathing
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  • Legal notice Stutterer-training: Imprint of breathing and speech-school, which offers a sustainable therapy to successfully treat stuttering
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