Stuttering therapy to cure stammering and help people who stutter
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Training for stutterers

Long-term, continuous work in order to defeat stuttering is necessary and sensible criteria for most of those who suffer from speech hindrances. For this reason, the Stutterer-Training is designed as an annual training programme. Read our section on > concept of Stutterer-Training.

How is the Stutterer-Training organised?
The weekly seminars can be used as basic- as well as profound-training exercises. In most cases it is sensible to attend several complete training sessions. Later on, depending on the individual’s progress, a regular attendance in the profound-training course may be sufficient. Click here to find out the > seminar dates and bookings 

Throughout the offered seminars, private sessions can also be attended on weekends or week days (also as a free trial day). If you have not participated in our trainings or attended a paid course before, you can book a complete trial weekend for 95,00 £ from Friday 6.00 pm to Sunday 6.00 pm. Please state this in your > registration.

Trial Stutterer-Training - free of charge
Persons who have not visited the stutterer-training before, or have not attended one of our courses, are entitled to a free trial day at our training. Ideally, one might arrive on the first evening of the seminar (usually a Friday) at 6.00 pm, and to stay until the following evening (usually a Saturday). On Saturday evenings we work with self-awareness elements, often until 10.00 pm. This is then recognised as a free trial day. Our advice: As an adult, do not miss your chance to experience self-awareness! It is advised to seek accommodation in the seminar house for one night.

Unless stated otherwise, you may assume that the seminars will begin at 6.00 pm on the first day. This usually takes place on a Friday. From the second day onwards we begin at 7.30 am till about 7.00 pm (8.30 am breakfast, 01.00 pm lunch, 7.00 pm dinner). Meal times can vary depending on which seminar house you are staying in.

The participants use the evening hours as a collective "outdoor"-training. If necessary, additional training sessions are held in the evening hours in the houses. The training sessions held on the following days commence at 7.30 am.

Examples of two routine days of the Stutterer-Training:


  • 06.00 pm Greeting, Introductions, Video recordings
  • 07.15 pm Dinner 
  • 08.15 pm Introduction, Breathing and speech training
  • 10.00 pm Conclusion


  • 07.30 am Dynmic meditation
  • 08.30 am Breakfast
  • 10.00 am Breathing and speech training
  • 11.30 am Break
  • 11.45 am Breathing and speech training
  • 01.15 pm Break
  • 01.30 pm Vipassana meditation
  • 02.00 pm Lunch
  • 04.00 pm Breathing and speech training
  • 05.30 pm Break
  • 05.45 pm Kundalini meditation
  • 07.00 pm Dinner
  • 08.30 pm Psychodrama/Physical action/Self-awareness
  • 11.00 pm Conclusion

Accompanying persons
Parents are welcomed to accompany their children and attend the seminars free of charge.

The fees for the stutterer-training are ranked in accordance with whether the person is a "New participant" or a "Previous participant". "New participants" are those which have not yet attended annual training. "Previous participants" are those which have already attended annual training sessions and therefore receive a discount of up to 50 %: > price list

Additional costs
Accommodation and board is not included in the training fees. The conditions regarding this can be found in the > Seminar house description.

Important: Please bring enough clothing for loose change (T-shirts, cotton jogging pants, socks, etc.) and a blanket.

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