Stuttering therapy to cure stammering and help people who stutter
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Self-portrayal as a means to triumph over speech impediments

Through the presentation of problems and conflicts, insights and established emotional experiences which are frequently connected to the problem of inhibited speech, are vividly encountered. Under guidance, the participants become accustomed to the process and techniques of psychodrama. Psychodrama takes place within a group, during which individuals partake in the presentation of each potential problematic scene. 

Through psychodrama, cognitive processes are introduced, and solutions to problems are elaborated. In the protected group environment and under professional guidance, access to individual problems is thus facilitated and possible solutions are attempted through a more playful approach. Problematic situations are presented in small scenes, which allow every participant to play the part without the requirement of acting abilities. Instead of simply speaking about internal and external conflict situations, they are demonstrated thus enabling possible solutions to be visually conveyed and developed.

This method supports the access and processing of individual problems through direct contact and experience, inspiring natural improvement. In a most lively and playful way, psychodrama offers an efficient approach to previously unsolved problems.

Apart from that, the spontaneous action within the demonstrations lead to a relief of the problem situations, creating an anxiety free atmosphere in which inhibitions can be overcome. The resulting improvement and retrieval of natural spontaneity allows the participants to attribute much more to themselves, through which they obtain stronger self-confidence, hence becoming more fluent in speech.

Besides the effectiveness for adults, psychodrama proffers a method for children which is adjusted to the child’s imagination and responds to its natural needs to play, as well as satisfying its curiosity.

By applying playful, illustrating methods, it is made easier for children to express themselves, overcome barriers and therefore become uninhibited in their ability to express themselves. It is individually monitored that it be carried out in a method suitable for children. The focus of working with children will therefore be problem orientated, however it will always be considerate of sufficient protection against mental exhaustion while still maintaining a fun factor. Children especially experience the powerful need of spontaneity and action, belonging to a healthy development which is encouraged in psychodrama.

In relation to the speech and breathing techniques taught in the Stutterer-Training, psychodrama offers a very efficient means of stabilising fluent speech patterns.

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