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Meditation - the calming influence in the stress of time

Meditation is becoming of increasing importance. The same amount of sensory stimuli which we would have been exposed to 600 years ago within a period of six weeks, is brought upon us in barely a day. That would comply of about 40 times the pressure, to learn and adapt. Regularly practiced meditation relaxes effectively, regenerates and rapidly activates mental and physical strength. 

Meditation: Introduction and practice

Meditation clears the mind and opens the heart
Meditation clears the mind and opens the heart

Meditation in Narberth

Learn about the calming and stimulating efficiency of meditation. Clear your spirit, become more balanced and competent than ever.

Meditation has also been successfully applied in the Stutterer-Training for many years. However, meditation benefits everybody, not just stutterers. This is the case especially in terms of the stress of today’s working population. Attempt it, and you will be surprised and thrilled by the result.

Bring comfortable, warm clothing and socks. For further information in english call +44 (0)1834 861835 or send an > email to Max in Narberth.



Meditating and relaxing togther

In the evenings we usually practice the calmer variants of meditation. These include the Vipassana, the Kundalini Meditation and the Nadabrahma Meditation.

The Quantum Light Breath meditation is based on the traditional Vipassana, however it is much more intense and offers a very impressive experience. Since we rightfully only provide this form of meditation during intensive care, participation costs 25, 00 £. Appointments for the Quantum Light Breath meditation can be made via telephone or email. 


Meditation: discover inner peace and security

Dynamic Meditation

Everybody wants to alleviate their stress. However, it is not simply achieved by physical work outs. After jogging one may be able to sleep more soundly, but the problem causing the stress does not disappear.

Dynamic Meditation goes one step further. If we have managed to release some steam, we are more powerfully in touch with our bodies - our hearts beat, pearls of sweat form on forehead, nose and between the eyes - and no longer identify ourselves as strongly with that, which goes on in our heads. While jogging does indeed prove this, however, while meditating we can now attempt to move from the symptoms of the problem, to its actual roots. The method appears simple, but is not as easy as that: we observe our thoughts and our feelings.

Consequently, we create a distance between ourselves and the problem. We are no longer victims, instead we have become witnesses. The perspective is shifted and all of a sudden not only do we see what we have fallen victims to, but also how we ourselves contribute to our difficulties. If this is achieved, this is a quantum leap in our consciousness! In one moment of meditative clarity we might even be able to appreciate that instead of the problem being that which most bothers us, it may be our restrained consciousness.

We offer the Dynamic Meditation during the Stutterer-Training every morning from 7.30 am. Participation costs are 5, 00 £. Dates for these can be found on the > Booking page of the Stutterer-training.

Kundalini Meditation

The Kundalini Meditation is also an active form of meditation and lasts one hour. Lead through three active phases, the participant reaches a place of peace and presence: his core. From this point onwards, he finds it much less strenuous to master the colossal demands of every day life safely and calmly.

Vipassana Meditation

The Vipassana Meditation is a traditional, silent technique of meditation that can be performed in every place at every time. The person undertaking the meditation becomes one with his breath, through which he discovers his presence in the here and now.

Nadabrahma Meditation

An equally active form of meditation. A traditional technique, that has been adapted to the requirements of modern man.

Meditation Weekends

On Friday evening 6.00 pm until Sunday afternoon at 4.00 pm we engage with our inner being through meditation. It is an exciting and invigorating journey into our innermost essence, regardless of whether you have experience with meditation. The weekends are intense and allow the attendants to discover profound tranquillity and renewed strength.

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