Stuttering therapy to cure stammering and help people who stutter
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Tend to stuttering in children with kindness and compassion

Breathing and speech therapy: Cure stuttering the better way

This coming autumn season it will be possible to attend the Stutterer-Training in the new Breath- and Speech-school in Lüdenscheid. Trial appointments are available during the offered seminars (Seminars on cures for stuttering). Due to the comprehensive withdrawal right and the complementary trial sessions, you can make sure that you are on the safe side. > Registration

Stutter treatment seminars

Since 1996 stutterers from Austria, Switzerland and Germany have found the Stutterer-Training to be an effective cure. The seminars allow children and adolescents as well as adults, to benefit from the highly efficient speech techniques and breathing exercises. By incorporating games, while still maintaining discipline, we mostly work together, observing the development of stuttering and modifying it in a structured approach supported by meditative and reliable elements. The result: visibly improved fluency of speech, reduced anxiety in relation to speech, less stuttering and a boost in self-esteem.
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Stuttering: Software for the pc supported training of the diaphragmatic breathing in the stutter therapy

Stuttering treatment with software for breathing exercises

This modest, however highly useful Windows programme helps stutterers to train their breathing rhythm and flank movement. The diaphragmatic breathing assists in the treatment of stuttering, and the software is free of charge and at the disposal of our patients.
> Software for Diaphragm Training (english, spanish, german)


Van Riper, speech pathology, hypnosis - classic therapeutic methods to combat stuttering

Stuttering results in speechlessness - if one does not act against it! Approximately 1.000.000 people in Germany stutter. What often appears to be the case is, that these people have already sought out or even visited various articulation therapies, in order to avoid their problems of discontinued speech. There are many therapies presently in use against stuttering. Speech pathology is the most commonly practiced treatment currently in use for the treatment of stuttering children. Other methods such as psychotherapy, NLP as well as suggestive procedures or hypnosis are generally more widespread among therapies for adults and adolescents. 

The simple breathing therapy or the frequently efficient diaphragmatic breathing, as applied in the Del Ferro method, is often the last resort for many of the affected to cure their speech impediments.

Most stutter-therapies treat according to therapeutic archetypes in order to combat stuttering successfully

The stutter training favours more comprehensive, assimilated procedures and offers courses and seminars on how to stop stuttering, in which various methods - such as breathing techniques, behavioural therapy, stress management and more - are combined in a complementary manner. Read our > Therapy concept

Every stutterer is welcomed to introduce and employ their own experiences gained from past therapies. Therapy newbies as well as children may often find themselves surprised by their rapid integration into the stutterer-training. The seminars, each lasting one week, take place in the regions Dortmund, Stuttgart, Dresden and Vienna.


Test the training for stutterers free of charge: Register for a trial and put a stop to stuttering

Stuttering can be treated - myths and guaranteed healing

The generally high relapse rate and low degree of successes prove the difficulty of stuttering treatments and clarify that there is no absolute and one dimensional solution in terms of stuttering therapies, ultimately confirming that stuttering is challenging to cure. Do not allow yourself to be mislead by so called guaranteed cures!

However, every stutterer - the sooner he or she has begun to work at treating it, the better - has a chance to reduce their stammering and accomplish total fluency of speech; improvements of stuttering are achievable rather quickly in almost every case. You can convince yourself of this entirely risk free: Register yourself or your child for a free trial training, since we offer efficient seminars for stutterers who want to defeat their stutter. The journey to our Stutterers-Training is not far, whether you live close to Stuttgart, Dortmund, Dresden or Vienna.

In order to combat stuttering, we intervene on the symptomatic level supported by speech and inhalation techniques. Close to 100 percent of those who suffer from stammering, no longer do so once they have practiced and exercised these techniques, and most of them stop stuttering to a great extent within one to two days. The therapy also helps to overcome stuttering in children. The groundwork for every stutterer is, to believe that they can speak without having to stammer. This new, fluent manner of speech is carried out intensively during the stutter training.

In correspondence with the emotional maturity of the participant, we individually engage in examining our beliefs, the thought and sentiment structures, with the aim of removing stuttering from our minds sentimentally. Unmistakably, emotional problems stored in other ways are simultaneously processed and solved. In this way, our fear of stuttering is lost, slowly but surely, and we start becoming the person we really are: open, positive, friendly, successful.

Meanwhile the Stutterers-training falls back upon documentaries verifying the profound change in participants over a time span of over 10 years. The sentimental maturity of these people is particularly astonishing and touching, as are those of their relatives and partners. An example would be many mothers and fathers who have undergone developments critical and beneficial to their quality of life, while accompanying their children during the Stutterer-training.

Understanding, compassion and unconditional love is and will always remain the most significant means by which we triumph over stuttering.


Cure through multimodal stutter therapies - or through training?

This Stutterer-training, based on centuries of self-awareness applies the Synergie effect of various - also unusual - approaches to solutions, with the intention of portraying a holistic view of stutterers. A crucial aspect of the training is the work towards individual problems in relation to age and maturity. The Stutterer-training is therefore suitable for stuttering in children, stuttering in adolescents and stuttering in adults. In some cases the concerned stutterer has already visited many therapies employing orthodox medicine without gleaning satisfactory results, and has been able to request refunds from their health insurance.  At this point we would like to indicate, that the Stutterer-training is not an insurance service, and that granted reimbursement is not an allusion to the scientifically researched efficiency of our seminars. Here you can find reimbursements (Additional funds offered by health insurances for stutter therapies).

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Transforming stutter means not to fight it but to treat it with love and care

Imagine: you are driving a car and hit the gas and brake pedals at the same time.

Wouldn't that make any vehicle stutter? Perhaps there may have been a reason to hit the brakes and hold your breath, whether it was a physical or psychological condition. Today however, these reasons no longer exist. One would like to accelerate, speak fluently again. However, the meanwhile automated patterns of emotion and reaction will not allow this, thereby diminishing speed.

What can I do to stop stuttering? The less I want to stutter, the more it appears in my life and the more I suffer from it.

I have to learn to have a neutral attitude towards stuttering. This is also a common foundation used by many stutter therapies. Included in this means, that whilst practising speech and inhalation exercises, my attention is focused on the here and now, or to change and modify the stuttering. Fluent speech can be accomplished in several ways, ideally allowing me to speak completely naturally.

To maintain fluency of speech however, I must practise and rehearse regularly over a select amount of time. During this phase, the risk of relapse is very great. Nonetheless, through the application of basic psychotherapeutic principles, I can get to know myself and discover my own strategic avoidance techniques, managing to overcome my stammer in an easier and safer way, and by this means correcting my speech impediment.

The Stutterer-training takes challenging features of stutter therapy into account in a comprehensive manner, and transmits practical methods to help solve them. If you would like to learn more about the holistic basis of our stutter therapy, we recommend, as introductions on stuttering therapy, the books "Psychodynamik des Stotterns" by Dr. Jürg Kollbrunner and "Stottern" by Fiedler & Standop.

Forum for stutterers

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Jan's stuttering therapy from 2004 to 2007

Jan`s result after stuttering therapy. To provide therapy for stuttering is possible.

Video of a long term documentary. In May 2004 Jan stuttered heavily. With the help of the stutterer-training, he has found a way to gain control over his stuttering. The last record can be viewed when clicking on the photo.

Jutta after two years of stuttering therapy

Treat stuttering effect in adults may take two years or longer

Like in the documentary about Jan, the videos of Jutta are unadorned and truthful. Treating stuttering primarily means not to suppress the reality.

More information about stuttering

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