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General terms and conditions

The Breathing and Speech School, stutterer-training, referred to by the following operator, executes the seminars in accordance with the current description in the seminar program/online-shop, in which minor substantive distinctions remain held in reserve. The operator’s terms and conditions are recognized in the instant the written registration has been completed.

1. Registration and confirmation 
The number of participants is limited. Registrations/Reservations can be sent (via email, certified registration form or online-booking in the internet), be made by phoning or directly delivered to our postal address in our head office in Lüdenscheid. A reservation by telephone can only be considered if a written, certified registration is provided within 5 days after the initial reservation (availability is reserved). 
Further documents for registration will be delivered to the participant by email, fax or post. The participant is also certified to download and use the registration form on the operator’s website. After we have received the registration, in writing, the applicant will take delivery of a confirmation of participation by post (or by email). Once the participant has received the confirmation, the contract comes into being through the unconditional acceptance (in writing) by the participant within a potential commitment deadline.

2. Operator’s withdrawal 
The organisation reserves the right to cancel or postpone, alter the contents of the seminars within the frame of improvement or, in the case that the minimum number or participants is not attained, withdraw from the contract 7 days before begin of the seminar. The organizer will provide prompt information about the alterations.

3. Participant’s withdrawal 
A retreat of participation in the event is at no cost if it takes place at least 10 week days before the intended booking. If payment has already occurred, a full refund is forthwith credited by the organization/operator. 
If the notice of withdrawal (in writing) is received later than the set period of time, or the participant does not attend without prior withdrawal, the agreed remuneration is to be paid in full. This does not apply to seminars which begin within 10 days as of the contract closure. Every withdrawal is to succeed in writing. The date of the postage stamp applies. Surrogate participants are accepted; however their data must be disclosed in writing, at least one day before the commencement of the seminar. The fee charged for rebooking in this case amounts to 25,00 Euros.
If a participant does not wish to continue attending after the initial day of training, the course fee is fully reimbursed. Accommodation costs emerge in the height of the actual expenditure. The general terms and conditions of the respective seminar houses/accommodations apply to room reservations and accommodation refunds.

4. Fees, Services and Conditions of Payment 
The fees which apply for the operator’s seminar offers are those which were established at the time of registration. The fees are to be understood including the legitimate VAT.
Particularities, accommodation and catering options are described in detail, on the operator’s internet site. The costs for the journey, accommodation and catering are held by the participants i.e. are separately calculated. This also applies in the case of the participants own decision to discontinue partaking in the programme. The costs for accommodation and catering are determined by the seminar house.
Further particulars on accommodation, catering services as well as room reservations are to be organised with the seminar houses by the participant, unless stated otherwise in the seminar description.
The invoice for the seminar costs proceeds through the participant’s registration. Through payment the participant has hereby firmly reserved his or her place in the training. In the event that the participant delays their payment of the agreed monthly premium, 4% over the base rate of the Sparkasse Lüdenscheid will be charged as interest for delay.

5. Safety
The participant is obliged to abide by the events locations safety regulations. Each seminar participant assumes the responsibility for their own actions, successes and failures.
Parts of the seminars are very intense. We would like to point out the fact that in the event of requirement for medical or psychiatric assistance, as well as doubts arising as to whether the participant is capable of taking part in the seminar, it is advised to seek medical counsel or instruction. The participants are obligated to behold the dignity of all group members and not to pass on their personal problems to the other participants.

6. Liability
If a seminar is cancelled due to illness/withdrawal of participation/absence of the trainer, or other unpredictable events, no claim to carry out the seminars exists. If seminars are cancelled, the operator will strive to find an alternative offer which can deviate from the contractual original in terms of timing, contents and personal form. In addition to this, the operator is not obliged to compensate for journey and accommodation costs, and workers absence, nor is he or she responsible for indirect damage, in particular loss of profit on behalf of demands requested by third parties.
a) The operator is unconditionally liable in the case of any damage to the participant precipitated by the recklessness or negligence of the operator, his or her legal representative or chief executive staff. 
b) For damages to the participants brought about recklessly by the operator’s accomplices, the operator is accountable for the damages to a limited extent; namely those damages which are conventional and predictable at the time the contract was completed.
c) In the case of slight negligence of essential contractual obligations (cardinal obligation), the liability to provide replacement is also limited to conventional and predictable damages. Incidentally the accountability for damages precipitated by slight negligence is discounted.
d) In the event of b) and c) the operator’s liability is confined per case.
e) The responsibility for the absence of assumed guarantees, cunning, personal injury and the accountability for the product liability law remains unaffected by the regulations.

7. Location of jurisdiction
The jurisdiction is located in Lüdenscheid.

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