Stuttering therapy to cure stammering and help people who stutter
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Powerful games and playing help children to overcome their stuttering. Psychologist Thomas Rudolf practices a demonstration of strength with Niklas.
Photo: Powerful game helps to defeat the stuttering in children.

Disenchant stuttering in children through child-friendly, playful stutter therapy

Children learn to overcome stuttering easily and playfully if their interest has been awoken. Breathlessness is simply pushed aside and bewilderment falls to pieces. The therapist and trainer acts simultaneously as the child’s play mate, friend and role model, which is how the therapy also helps to cure stuttering in children. The loving, warm hearted behaviour towards one another is the foundation for trust, built upon mutual respect.

Stuttering is not a sign of lacking intelligence, on the contrary

Stuttering children are often exceptionally gifted and should be encouraged and motivated. Active, physically focused inhaling and speaking, quizzes and the involvement of significant discussions with adults set the bar for lively, demanding impulses, shortly followed by characteristically calm and concentrated phases. The children work at their own pace and according to their individual abilities, though maintaining their steady work ethic through the application of Stutterers-training tools, hereby correcting their speech hindrance i.e. speaking hindrance, and engaging with their inner attitudes towards the nature of stuttering and its problems.

Stuttering in children is often treated well

Take a look at the > Testimonials made by various parents. The Stutterer-training motivates many of the participating children to mature and stabilise their personalities. This becomes apparent particularly in family life, as well as in their academic accomplishments. Through the meditation and recreational exercises which are adapted to the children’s requirements, groundwork for spiritual and emotional growth is established.

A general overview on the impact of meditation can be found in the > Forum for stutterers. On the Home page of > you can find the video documentary of a father whose son participates in the Stutterer-training. 


Treat stuttering children through powerful love and attention.
Treat stuttering children through powerful love and attention. (Photo:

Treating stuttering children is not simply a profession

"Repetition is the mother of learning" quotes an ancient expression. Patience and empathy are of high value in the treatment of stuttering through therapy. This counts for adolescents as well as for adults. However, the social capacity and expertise of the therapist regarding the stuttering child is particularly important. Thomas Rudolf and Hans Liebelt suffered from stuttering during their own childhood and can therefore empathise with the children’s psychological aspects.

When children stutter, they may be prone to developing a negative image of themselves. This theoretical and ultimately subconsciously occurring conditioning process can be extensively avoided via appropriate exercises and therapeutic procedures.

An efficient means by which this is achievable is through the use of psychodrama. Moreno developed psychodrama as, "the method which explores the truth of the soul through action" with the aim of, "releasing the human spontaneity and simultaneously integrating the entire scope of life’s construction reasonably."  Why psychodrama is such an effective method with children may be gathered from the following. Text (Source: wikipedia).

Psychodrama can help children overcome stuttering and provide academic support

(Source: wikipedia) "The application at school has been proven. Psychodrama can be used in school work."

The reason for the application of these and other related techniques used in practical every day life, would be the widespread, defective relationships between teachers and students in Germany, causing failure, frequent drop outs and aggressions in schools. When teachers distance themselves from emotional contact with their pupils, the pupils distance themselves from school and academic achievement. In this sense, this technique is a suitable method in order to work on the detachment experienced by teachers and their students, as well as unnecessary behaviour from children and peer group situations in and around the schools environment.

The aim of working with this particular technique allowing behavioural development and change, is the transfer of alternative mannerisms into a personal role. Through doubling, role play, mirroring or using the "therapist" as an active interpreter, the child or adolescent should receive feedback and discern comprehension of various types of conduct and what it can trigger. The role play is not practiced on a realistic level, instead working by means of symbolism. It is of great importance to the successful use of the psychodrama technique. Hence it is not the student who plays the part of the teacher where the teacher acting the rebellious student, but the introduction of symbols which allow them to familiarize and develop the topic. In the opinion of social psychological therapy, a role play based on realism would only present a paradox intervention. (Source: wikipedia - Psychodrama on wikipedia)


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